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Skype date with Suz.

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From Amsterdam to Berlin. Split provided by Neevel, music provided by incessant child.
Here‘s the boring un-split version.

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Hey guys! Do you remember when I made that movie poster for my dear friends Nick and Mary?
Well I just posted the trailer for it above. Looks like there will be tears and road trips and music
AND making out! Fantastic! It premiers May 14, 2010. Can you even stand the wait?

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My upcoming show has made me highly sensitive to any thing remotely Russian.

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David Neevel teaches you how to cook a hot dog! I should say that I’ve already pin-pointed one continuity error but I’ll wait for the IMDB
entry before I post it. Watch it and enjoy your brains out. I DID.

Since David has the floor, I should mention that he has a show coming up:

An Exhibition by David Neevel

Opening Reception: Friday January 22
Jan 22 – Feb

Go and see what several neon signs lost their lives for. Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain.

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From Blad’s Directors Chair

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That Shirely Collins/Davy Graham post got my friend Andrea and me nerding out on British folk ladys.
Like so:

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The clip above more or less sums up what my long weekend is going to look like.
I’m going here to be with some of my favorite jerks of all time. My arms are going
to be so sore from bucking hay and giving really hard hugs!

Posts will resume with a fresh Ugly Face Wednesday. Mwah!

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Please Say Something – Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

David pointed this out to me. Oh it makes me feeeeel!