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Noordermarkt has this booth that sells stacks and stacks of old movie promo 8x10s. These two are my most recent finds. REAL NAICE. 

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Zombie Bailey

Bailey climbing a ladder


Bailey in the shed

Scary Face

This dog is so dope! Always catching mad air. See also: FRAMED CASTLE PUZZEL. More Here.

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Hey, look at these colors, holy crap. Looks so nice when it’s all laid out in thumbnails. I want to wear that hand shirt. Pervy/reiki such and such.

What is it about this photography style that draws me in instantly? I blame Juergen Teller. Is Juergen Teller still cool? Are Native American things still cool?
Whatever fuck it, I’ma gunna let my eyes enjoy these colors til I die die die.

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Hi! I’ve been working on my show in a manner most unhealthy and most time-consuming. I’ll try to be better about blogging,
I’m just trying to be better in general, YOU KNOW? Maybe I’ll show you some previews soon or maybe I’ll be greedy and secretive.

Look at a picture I found while I was on the internet. It’s up there above the type.

David updated the design of his site and you should go look at it.

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Ishiuchi Miyako takes photos of things I want to paint so badly. Just saw these today in Foam and figured maybe you’d like to see these too.

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Richard and I were digging through a box of old photos and he pulled out the maracas picture and I pulled out the dog picture. These photos belong together.

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I am so sad that I’ll be in Washington this Saturday and missing the opening party for Neevel‘s show. You should go in my stead. Congratulate him, he likes hugs.

I got to help David shoot the chainsaw a couple weeks ago. Early weekend morning plodding around the woods of Scappoose lead into double breakfast celebration.
The chainsaw is beautiful and it was really fulfilling to shoot it in it’s natural party environment. Here’s a couple of photos I snapped that morning:


Strange Forest Creature

Below is a picture of me taking the above picture.
What's that?!

Go see photos of the chainsaw in many other evocative environments, this month at Tiga.

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Thank you Olympus XA. You reminded me that tactile photos always beat digital. Also, you pointed out that I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by very attractive people.

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A few iPhone photos from the trip to Berlin. More to come my dears.

I may have come up with an UFW replacement while I was away. Maybe maybe maybe.