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Thanks everyone who came to the opening party, it was overwhelming in the best way.
And thanks to everyone that came to my talk last Sunday, I think it went well even though
I don’t apparently know how to use a blender!

This trip is coming to a close and all in all, it’s been incredibly fortifying and revealing.
Thanks for freaking me out and calming me down Portland.

Above are pictures of my desk chronologically ordered! I’m both enamored and intimidated
by my drawing table. It’s pieced together from vintage Dutch resale warehouses and bargin
bin art stores and happens to be one of my favorite things to look at.  My apartment came
fully furnished so this one item that I brought into the space is terribly important to me even
though it seeps the pressure to make things at times. But this is the place I gladly and dutifully
sit at and allowed me to work out a lot of weird things.

So thanks table.

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IT IS UP! I made mystery pixels to make mystery for the show.

Opening is Tonight! Bring your face!




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The blindingly intelligent/witty/attractive Suzette Smith has a new show up at Tiga. It features pages from her latest comic
venture It’s Not That Bad which will also be for sale on opening night. Said opening night will be May 7th and I insist that you
go. I’m trying to get some sort of Skype arrangement hooked up so I can be there via satellite and maybe spill wine on my
keyboard in the spirit of everything.

Saturday May 7th


1465 Northeast Prescott Street

More info.

Here’s one of my S. Smith favs:


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I am so sad that I’ll be in Washington this Saturday and missing the opening party for Neevel‘s show. You should go in my stead. Congratulate him, he likes hugs.

I got to help David shoot the chainsaw a couple weeks ago. Early weekend morning plodding around the woods of Scappoose lead into double breakfast celebration.
The chainsaw is beautiful and it was really fulfilling to shoot it in it’s natural party environment. Here’s a couple of photos I snapped that morning:


Strange Forest Creature

Below is a picture of me taking the above picture.
What's that?!

Go see photos of the chainsaw in many other evocative environments, this month at Tiga.

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Here’s a detail from my new finished piece that will be part of the group show, Slacker’s Paradise, at Valentines. Opening is this Thursday, July 1st  at 9pm.
C’mon down and I’ll point out the flaws on my contribution that you would have never noticed had I not told you!

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Piñata Stare Down

Alright, another FD28 post. This one concerning the piñatas Curtis, Mike and I built to kick off the evening’s events. Along the same lines
as the medals, once we decided to make piñatas we knew they had to be huge and ridiculous. While using out bosses’ heads as subjects for
our doomed sculptures may have been inadvisable, there wasn’t any other option for us. It’s not the first time their likeness’ had been
smashed up in the name of Founder’s Day. This is a long post.

Secret Piñata construction

We spent a lot of time in this room, making messes. So much pizza was eaten here.


David looks like a sage here.

Finishing Touches

While we had all worked with Paper Mache, none of us had made a piñatas (that had actually been broken) before. We made the base of
the head from chicken wire, with cardboard bottom. We painted the head with house paint and layered white crepe paper for all things hair.

Wieden Piñata


Dan David

David Kennedy Piñata

David Kennedy Piñata Dan Wieden Piñata

We put glitter in the eyeballs but I’m not really sure anyone noticed.

Piñata on the Move

We had to hire a truck to transport the heads to the party spot. We didn’t want anyone to see them but it’s kind of hard to sneak these
guys around.

Piñata on the Move

Piñata Reveal
Photo by Cameron Browne

The only way we figured we could get away with making piñatas that looked like Dan and Dave was if they were the ones that destroyed
them. We paired Dan up with Dave and vice versa. Here they are seeing them for the first time. I think it kinda freaked them out but
they’re  good sports and went right to the task of beating the shit out of one another.

We did too good of a job building these things, in the end we had to rip them apart with our hands. Next time, less duct tape.

Dan vs. David
Photo by Cameron Browne

I love how tense the people look in the background.
As the employees set to filling their pockets with the goods, Dan and Dave shared a “No Hard Feelings” hug and requested to be able to
approve any other company party piñatas in the future.

Photo by Cameron Browne

We stuffed the inside with the typical candy and hand wipes.

Photo by Cameron Browne

We also put a bunch of tiny plastic liquor bottles in them.

Piñata Aftermath
Photo by Cameron Browne

And about $1oo in each head.

After Math
Photo by Cameron Browne

Dan's Live Performance
Photo by Cameron Browne

Har Mar Superstar’s Bass player made us all proud during their set.

Photo by Cameron Browne

Later that night, I remember fishing Dan’s eyeballs out of the pinata shell. Mike needed them more than Dan.

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As those of you in Portland may already be aware of, Half & Half will soon be closing its doors after nearly 10 years of furnishing me
(and Portland I suppose) with coffee and witty company. Courier Coffee will be moving in, which is a wonderful company but Half & Half
is regarded with such a steadfast loyalty that it’s hard spot to replace.

I’ve spent so much time hiding from responsibility and eating sandwiches at this spot that I’m going through a tidy bit of denial right now.
The owners, Jeff and Robin, made some of the best food and hired some of the most lovely people. I was lucky enough to match wits with
Jeff on a few occasions in a game of chance. I could go on but no one comes to this blog for the writing, here’s a parade of pictures
I stole from flickr:

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Dennis is always there, when I am there, which is always.

This is Ebola, she’s owned by the shop next to H&H. She’s a master scammer of free cold cuts. Photo by Cory Grove.

Half & Half will officially close April 30th 2010. I do believe that there will be a party of sorts for all, expect awesome people.
Regardless of how sad I am to see it go, I know that both Jeff and Robin are ready to move on to other projects and and incredibly happy
for them both. CHANGE!

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FD28 medals

It’s about time I started posting all the things team Founder’s Day made for FD28, w+k’s annual birthday party. We had arranged to have a world record
for the day’s activities and had agreed that we needed an epic reward for the winners. Other parties had featured prizes such as plane tickets,
ipods and stereos. That kind of money wasn’t exactly in our grasp and besides, we’d rather make something.

We decided on medals. For a time, we played with the idea of having them cast in metal. Time constraints meant that our only options for casting
medals would be too small, too boring graphically and expensive, we wanted these things to be huge. Uncomfortably huge and ridiculous. And gold.

So we decided to learn how to cast resin!

FD28 Medal

We did some medal design research and I made a clay model for a latex mold. It was all a lot easier than I had thought but there were a lot of nasty chemicals
involved. We casted 30 medals and spray painted them all gold.

FD28 Medal

Dan Wieden and David Kennedy Cherubs.

FD28 Medal

Winner's Table


FD28 team members got royal purple ribbon and the winners got navy.

Team Founder's Day

Curtis, Me, Mike, Chemin. Drunk party photo booth. More stuff we made to come!

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Here at Wieden + Kennedy, if you put a flyer up in the elevator it’s only a matter of time before ye olde penis draughtsman takes a pen to it.
It’s just the way it goes around here so don’t put pictures of your mom in there.

For the most part, the fliers for my show went unmolested and I took this as a sign of respect. And then I saw this one and I understood that this was
the work of a true master. A person of such genital illustration intuition, that they saw their opportunity and took it. I doff my hat to you, mysterious
penis scrawler, for truly you are a master of your craft.

Mostly Pictures of Russians will be coming down this Friday, so try to catch that breeze before it’s blown.

I’ve been working mostly on secretive Founder’s Day party objects for this Thursday’s looming event so I can’t show you where all my creative energy
has been pooled quite yet. Soon though, this shit is epic.

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Tight fit

Opening night was great. Thanks to everyone who made it out, what a lovely turn out! I’m getting better at taking photos of the events but not too much better.
If anyone is looking to step in for the next event, let me know.


Bryan's Jacket



We shut that place dooooowwwwnnn.
I’ll post images from the show after it comes down.