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New poster for Mother/Lucky Dragons!



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Poster for friend Gavin of Mother in Stockholm. If you happen to be Swedish, or be in Sweden or have the possibility of going to Sweden, you should check this out.

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I don’t typically put design work up here and I rarely put Wieden + Kennedy materials up here but I thought I’d share this latest fruit of my day labors.
This is the first project I started on when I moved to Amsterdam. I was lucky enough to be able to take over the design portion of the site and  along with the
help of some super talented web people and creative directors, I think we made something pretty nice to look at

About The Kennedys: “The Kennedys is a group of 6 young creatives selected to take part in Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s apprenticeship program.
It is designed for creatives of all disciplines who want to join our staff for a period of 6 months so they can learn to create and produce real work.”

You can only apply if you live in the EU, sorry my North American bretheren. More info at the site!

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Besides strange candies for the roommates, I mostly brought books back from Berlin. Here’s the creme of the crop.


This is the Insel-Bücherei (Island-Library) series. I got a little overly enthusiastic when I saw all these little books lined up next to one another. The iPhone pic
really doesn’t do it justice. Katie and I ended up flipping through nearly all of them. Most of them were lost on us, many were full of poetry and stories in German,
but I managed to come away with something for my unilingual self.


Insel-Bücherei Nr. 269

Insel-Bücherei Nr. 316

Insel-Bücherei Nr. 507

Insel-Bücherei Nr. 462

Book nerd.

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Here’s the type portion of the poster I made for Mother Festival. Flip dat shit.

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Second edition of my Haiti charity poster is up for sale at the w+k goodness site. All proceeds go to Mercy Corps and Mr. w+k will contribute
a matching donation for each sale. 2 x $28

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Haiti Charity Poster

Poster show went really well last night. Much money was raised.

My contribution is above. It has the Haiti national motto on it “Strength through Unity” or “Unity Makes Strength.” French.
I hear tell that it sold out last night but maybe we’ll screen another set of them later seeing that they are on sale now.
Regardless, there are a several more lovely pieces to buy here.

I wold like to publicly thank Walker for printing non stop this week in preparation for the show.


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W+K is throwing a poster show this Thursday February 4th. I’ve got one in there as well as many of my talented coworkers.

“Our studio is putting together a gallery show in our lobby this coming first Thursday. Over 34 designed and hand silkscreened
posters from our studio and friends will be on display and for sale. Proceeds for the event will benefit Mercy Corp.
Wieden+Kennedy will match all funds raised at the opening. Special performance by Les Etrangers. Doors open at 5:30.

Special Thanks to Studio for working extra hours to get this together so quickly. Seizure Palace, Keegan&Meegan and
for helping us print.”

Mine is still waiting to be pulled, I’ll post it later.

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Finally, photos of the book. here’s a few spreads to savor:

Anna Shelton

Ashby Lee Collinson

Erik Blad
Jay Cover

Jason Overby
Peter Larsson


You too can hold this book! $10 + shipping.

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Awww shit, I like these too.