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Received some fine presents recently from some fine women. Above is a handmade spool
created and gifted by Midori Hirose. I’m more than likely reading way into it but it feels
like a meditative talisman to me. Currently trying to find the right place for it.
There’s more to be had at Nationale.

Then there’s the Zapatista doll gifted by the ever inspiring Selena Mckenzie. She and Toby
spent their holidays in Mexico where they hunted down the town where the revolutionaries
live and tried to get themselves recruited. Not really/really. In anycase, he’s dope.

x ladies!


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A good day for mail! In the same day I got my copy of Self Publish, Be Naughty. My friend Antonio turned smut peddler and designed a beautiful book of dirty dirty pictures.

Then I opened an envelope from Stockholm and dear dear Peter who recently asked me to take part a group show he organized with his friend Anna. Above is my contribution to the zine, I also sent two paintings but I forgot to scan them because apparently I don’t give a shit.

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The blindingly intelligent/witty/attractive Suzette Smith has a new show up at Tiga. It features pages from her latest comic
venture It’s Not That Bad which will also be for sale on opening night. Said opening night will be May 7th and I insist that you
go. I’m trying to get some sort of Skype arrangement hooked up so I can be there via satellite and maybe spill wine on my
keyboard in the spirit of everything.

Saturday May 7th


1465 Northeast Prescott Street

More info.

Here’s one of my S. Smith favs:


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Hi! I’ve been working on my show in a manner most unhealthy and most time-consuming. I’ll try to be better about blogging,
I’m just trying to be better in general, YOU KNOW? Maybe I’ll show you some previews soon or maybe I’ll be greedy and secretive.

Look at a picture I found while I was on the internet. It’s up there above the type.

David updated the design of his site and you should go look at it.

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Go look at Neevel’s GIF diary. It is so god damn brilliant!

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As those of you in Portland may already be aware of, Half & Half will soon be closing its doors after nearly 10 years of furnishing me
(and Portland I suppose) with coffee and witty company. Courier Coffee will be moving in, which is a wonderful company but Half & Half
is regarded with such a steadfast loyalty that it’s hard spot to replace.

I’ve spent so much time hiding from responsibility and eating sandwiches at this spot that I’m going through a tidy bit of denial right now.
The owners, Jeff and Robin, made some of the best food and hired some of the most lovely people. I was lucky enough to match wits with
Jeff on a few occasions in a game of chance. I could go on but no one comes to this blog for the writing, here’s a parade of pictures
I stole from flickr:

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Dennis is always there, when I am there, which is always.

This is Ebola, she’s owned by the shop next to H&H. She’s a master scammer of free cold cuts. Photo by Cory Grove.

Half & Half will officially close April 30th 2010. I do believe that there will be a party of sorts for all, expect awesome people.
Regardless of how sad I am to see it go, I know that both Jeff and Robin are ready to move on to other projects and and incredibly happy
for them both. CHANGE!

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Hey guys! Do you remember when I made that movie poster for my dear friends Nick and Mary?
Well I just posted the trailer for it above. Looks like there will be tears and road trips and music
AND making out! Fantastic! It premiers May 14, 2010. Can you even stand the wait?

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Friend and contributor to Does This Make It Better? Mia Nolting has produced a fine publication with
fellow creative Rachel Peddersen, and&review. I already snagged one and it’s pretty killer.

There will be a release party at Tiga (NE Prescott and 15th) tonight starting at 7pm. Come and show some respect!

Tom Humphrey will be DJing the event and that in itself is worth putting on shoes for.

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David Neevel teaches you how to cook a hot dog! I should say that I’ve already pin-pointed one continuity error but I’ll wait for the IMDB
entry before I post it. Watch it and enjoy your brains out. I DID.

Since David has the floor, I should mention that he has a show coming up:

An Exhibition by David Neevel

Opening Reception: Friday January 22
Jan 22 – Feb

Go and see what several neon signs lost their lives for. Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain.