Posted in Events, Made It by cvydesign on June 14, 2011

Thanks everyone who came to the opening party, it was overwhelming in the best way.
And thanks to everyone that came to my talk last Sunday, I think it went well even though
I don’t apparently know how to use a blender!

This trip is coming to a close and all in all, it’s been incredibly fortifying and revealing.
Thanks for freaking me out and calming me down Portland.

Above are pictures of my desk chronologically ordered! I’m both enamored and intimidated
by my drawing table. It’s pieced together from vintage Dutch resale warehouses and bargin
bin art stores and happens to be one of my favorite things to look at.  My apartment came
fully furnished so this one item that I brought into the space is terribly important to me even
though it seeps the pressure to make things at times. But this is the place I gladly and dutifully
sit at and allowed me to work out a lot of weird things.

So thanks table.


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  1. jordan behr said, on August 22, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    what is your email??
    where am I??
    help Grandma!!

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