Posted in Associates, Events by cvydesign on April 20, 2010

As those of you in Portland may already be aware of, Half & Half will soon be closing its doors after nearly 10 years of furnishing me
(and Portland I suppose) with coffee and witty company. Courier Coffee will be moving in, which is a wonderful company but Half & Half
is regarded with such a steadfast loyalty that it’s hard spot to replace.

I’ve spent so much time hiding from responsibility and eating sandwiches at this spot that I’m going through a tidy bit of denial right now.
The owners, Jeff and Robin, made some of the best food and hired some of the most lovely people. I was lucky enough to match wits with
Jeff on a few occasions in a game of chance. I could go on but no one comes to this blog for the writing, here’s a parade of pictures
I stole from flickr:

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Photo by Kevin Chan.

Dennis is always there, when I am there, which is always.

This is Ebola, she’s owned by the shop next to H&H. She’s a master scammer of free cold cuts. Photo by Cory Grove.

Half & Half will officially close April 30th 2010. I do believe that there will be a party of sorts for all, expect awesome people.
Regardless of how sad I am to see it go, I know that both Jeff and Robin are ready to move on to other projects and and incredibly happy
for them both. CHANGE!


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  1. não me mande flores said, on April 20, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Sounds like an awesome spot! Too bad it’s closing!

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