Posted in Events, Made It by cvydesign on April 14, 2010

FD28 medals

It’s about time I started posting all the things team Founder’s Day made for FD28, w+k’s annual birthday party. We had arranged to have a world record
for the day’s activities and had agreed that we needed an epic reward for the winners. Other parties had featured prizes such as plane tickets,
ipods and stereos. That kind of money wasn’t exactly in our grasp and besides, we’d rather make something.

We decided on medals. For a time, we played with the idea of having them cast in metal. Time constraints meant that our only options for casting
medals would be too small, too boring graphically and expensive, we wanted these things to be huge. Uncomfortably huge and ridiculous. And gold.

So we decided to learn how to cast resin!

FD28 Medal

We did some medal design research and I made a clay model for a latex mold. It was all a lot easier than I had thought but there were a lot of nasty chemicals
involved. We casted 30 medals and spray painted them all gold.

FD28 Medal

Dan Wieden and David Kennedy Cherubs.

FD28 Medal

Winner's Table


FD28 team members got royal purple ribbon and the winners got navy.

Team Founder's Day

Curtis, Me, Mike, Chemin. Drunk party photo booth. More stuff we made to come!


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