Posted in Events by cvydesign on March 30, 2010

Here at Wieden + Kennedy, if you put a flyer up in the elevator it’s only a matter of time before ye olde penis draughtsman takes a pen to it.
It’s just the way it goes around here so don’t put pictures of your mom in there.

For the most part, the fliers for my show went unmolested and I took this as a sign of respect. And then I saw this one and I understood that this was
the work of a true master. A person of such genital illustration intuition, that they saw their opportunity and took it. I doff my hat to you, mysterious
penis scrawler, for truly you are a master of your craft.

Mostly Pictures of Russians will be coming down this Friday, so try to catch that breeze before it’s blown.

I’ve been working mostly on secretive Founder’s Day party objects for this Thursday’s looming event so I can’t show you where all my creative energy
has been pooled quite yet. Soon though, this shit is epic.


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