Posted in Design, Events by cvydesign on January 15, 2010

Latest book project is about ready to hit the streets so it’s time to drink.

There’s some fantastic talent in this book, so I hope you can come to Tiga on the 24th to get a good look and say hi.
Even if you don’t like books, there’s good reason to come by. It will be the inaugural flight of the Potato Champion’s
new satellite fry cart, the Spudnick. ALSO, Tiga isn’t even typically open on Sunday so you should come by just for

the sheer novelty of the night. This project has been really amazing to produce but I really haven’t seen my friends
in months so I’m looking forward to socializing again.

C’mon, let’s get fry grease all over these nice new screen-printed covers!

Here’s a list of the contributors:

Aaron Heil
Anna Shelton
Ashby Lee Collinson
Alex Harris
Ben Mulkey
Bryan Dalton
Cord Bueker, Jnr.
David Neevel

Erik Blad
Elizabeth Meyer
Jaclyn Campanaro
Jason Overby
Jay Cover
Marco Kaye
May Juliette Barruel
Matthew Carey
Mia Nolting
Missy Prince
Paige Saez
Patrick Abbey
Peter Larsson
Rodrigo LaHoz
Scott Barry
Suzette Smith
Tatum Shaw
Ty Ennis

Thank you all again for taking part in this, you’re truly wonderful!

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  1. Tom said, on January 26, 2010 at 3:16 am

    Even better in person!

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