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Twelve of the "Forty Presidents"

by Ulysses Davis in the 1970s.

Was thumbing through one of my books last night and came upon this image.
Thought it was worth sharing.
Ulysses Davis was born in 1914 in Georgia. He became a Barber by trade but his shop is lined with his carvings, some reliefs but most free standing. His work ranges from fantastical creatures to numerous crucifixions. He also uses found sequins and rinestones. “Twinklets fascinate me and I keep them. By fiddling around I find some use for the. I call pieces of junk like rhinestones from broken necklaces, sequins that came off an old evening gown my wife tired of wearing, twinklets because they twinkle-sparkle. I use some of this twinkling junk for eyes, for decoration on some of my carvings. I think that in using them I make my art more attractive to some people who see my work.”

All info collected from this book.

To be honest, I’m uncertain whether or not these busts are supposed to be black versions of past presidents or unpainted wood. I find it more relevant to the time to think of them as the former.

There’s your American folk art fix for the day.


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