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No longer can I resist the inevitable pull of internet change.  I’m moving my ranting and ravings to Tumblr. UPDATE YOUR LINKS!

Forgive my nostalgia but here goes. I started this blog about five years ago as a clumsy networking vessel and it’s evolved multiple times over the years. Thanks everyone that’s followed me so far and feel free to keep doing so at my NEW BLOG. Good job little WordPress, you did good.


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Skype date with Suz.

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Something I bought. Party time.

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Amsterdam is full of trash, neatly separated and arranged trash. I sometimes forget that it’s trash,
I worry that maybe someone’s just forgotten their orderly box of old hangers or blown out Dutch
boardgames or tacky candle holders. But it’s garbage. Garbage that you can greedily ransack.
This is one of the things that appeals to me about the city as someone who is both cheap and
constantly facinated by other humans but too lazy/anxious to actually engage with strangers.

So long story short, I was walking around a couple weekends ago and ran across…whatever that
is in the animation above. It took a bit of time to strip all these felt washers off of it, which coated
my hands in that familiar flea market film, and I now have a little paper bag full of them.

I have no idea what they’re for yet.

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Recently finished this commission for  Jessie Young. She gave it to her family who, from what I’ve devised
from devouring her Flickr page, seem like real amazing folks. As always, stoked to do fun work for lovely people.

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Received some fine presents recently from some fine women. Above is a handmade spool
created and gifted by Midori Hirose. I’m more than likely reading way into it but it feels
like a meditative talisman to me. Currently trying to find the right place for it.
There’s more to be had at Nationale.

Then there’s the Zapatista doll gifted by the ever inspiring Selena Mckenzie. She and Toby
spent their holidays in Mexico where they hunted down the town where the revolutionaries
live and tried to get themselves recruited. Not really/really. In anycase, he’s dope.

x ladies!


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Here’s a preview of a bigger drawing I did for Suzette Smith’s Lars Von Trier fanzine. Coming soon.

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To tell you the truth, I wish all our parties ended up like this.

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There’s something about food blogs that draw me in and repel me simultaneously.

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